Aldub and Pastillas Girl vs Lumad Killings and Syrian War

Screen grab from

Let us not be distracted. There are issues in the world we must be aware of, and as responsible citizens of the earth, we must do something about them.

Okay, folks. I am not an elitist who wants to feel superior. I admit that I sometimes watch eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye to have a few good laughs. But I wonder why many people seem to be more obsessed with love teams.

What about the ills and wars happening in the society?

The popular love team of Maine Mendoza a.k.a Yaya DUB and Alden Richards called “Aldub” were already making rounds on social media ever since 2 months ago when they were established. And recently, they made a history on social media after netizens posted 12 million tweets about their most awaited date.

Another trending topic these past few days is about the so-called battle between Yaya DUB (Maine Mendoza’s personality in Kayleserye) and Showtime’s Pastillas Girl. Netizens spend their precious arguing who is better among the two.

Yet, why do issues such as the Syrian war and Lumad killings seems to be overlooked?

Syrian rubble. Photo by Reuters.
Protesters march for the lumad. Photo by CNN Philippines
Protesters march for the lumad. Photo by CNN Philippines

As a netizen and an active Facebook user, this is what I’ve noticed: People are more obsessed with arguing about Yaya DUB and Pastillas Girl instead of talking about these issues.

Let me ask a question: Is this what morally and socially responsible citizens do?

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