Types of Commentators

Let’s admit it- opinions of the commentators themselves are more interesting than the news itself. There’s nothing more entertaining to see both sides of the spectrum clashing against each other, tearing every argument which dares to debunk each premise, until every question is answered or new points of debate arise from that issue. Sometimes, it’s a black and white argument. Sometimes, there are certain shades of grey. Whatever color it is, it doesn’t change the fact that most of these debates are about humanity and the human’s internal and external struggles, which makes the forums interesting and relevant to us.

Here are the types of commentators you usually see on news sites):

  1. Smart-ass essayist

This commentator writes VERY VERY LONG comments about how right he is or how wrong the opposing side is. Watch out for the overly deep usage of the English language, you may need the aid of Mr. Dictionary. He usually points out every argument of the opposing side and tears them one by one, with a grin of satisfaction written on his face of course.

2. The Jester

Sometimes, he makes perfect sense. Sometimes, he’s racist. Whatever. All I know is reading his comments make me laugh (with a little bit of guilt on morally questionable jokes, though).

Subtype 1: He’s pretty much an essayist like our smart ass friend, except the he wasn’t writing essays at all. Maybe an unfinished introductory paragraph?

Subtype 2: The photobomber (either his own work or someone else’s)

3. The Chronicler

Prepare to wipe your tears, as he may win your sympathy. He usually shares what he experienced in light of the recent issue, which may inspire people or annoy them because of something. Oh come on! Even if he just exposed a part of his life, we find him relatable after all.

What about you? What are the common types of commentators you see online? Share your experience with us.

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