Citizen Journalist Speaks: My Personal Opinion about the Ombudsman Verdict on 9 BulSU Officials

Office of the Ombudsman (File Photo from http//

As a student who should be aware of my surroundings, I feel obliged to voice out my opinion about the recent issue my university faces. Anyway, this should be the spirit of every citizen journalist, whether a mere commentator or someone who actually reports- to have a keen eye on anything which will affect the people.

A year ago, on August 19, seven Tourism students  from Bulacan State University passed away after being swept away by strong river currents in the Madlum River at San Miguel, Bulacan. They were on an exposure trip to Biak na Bato, and students claimed that they would not take the final exam if they joined the trip and wrote a report instead. Rains were heavy during that day, which caused a flash flood to occur. Despite warnings from another student tour guide about the weather, the group still pushed through the field trip.

Bulacan State University officials were accused of

Tragedy happens, whether prepared or not.

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