Block That Nemesis Every Writer Comes Across Like a Boss


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Before I proceed with the main point, I’d like to admit that the reason why I chose this topic is that I AM RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! Anyway, I am fine now. I managed to formulate a myriad of ideas for my next blog posts. However, those topics are quite complex, so I’m going to need a lot of time for research and brainstorming. Just wait for next week because in this post, I’d like to point out how I managed to overcome that huge road block.

I believe this problem is not only for aspiring novelists like me, but also for researchers, bloggers, journalists, citizen journalists, and even to those who make simple to-do-lists (yes, they too are writers). We all have those moments when we want to bang our heads on the wall for our incapability to fill that blank space with words that make sense. As a word of encouragement, let me congratulate you. You are now experiencing one of the hardships of being a writer, and it is perfectly normal. So don’t fret.

However, the difference between a great writer and an average one is the former’s insistence to just keep on overcoming the road blocks.

Let me tell you that inspiration is not always there, so don’t wait for it to come before you start working. For example, a teacher may really love his job from the bottom of his heart, but there are moments when he doesn’t feel like teaching. There are a many reasons why. It could be that he’s sick or just had a serious fight with his wife. Nonetheless, he’s still obliged to work because that’s his job.

The major key point here is: Just don’t stop writing, because the ultimate cure to writer’s block is writing itself. Ironic, isn’t it? But that’s a fact. The truth of the matter is, I am not a genius with a brain which perpetually produces thousand of awesome ideas. I just decided to not give up because I have to post something worthwhile.

But let’s not deny that one of the major causes of writer’s block is psychological disturbances. It could be that you’re too stressed out to be able to write something. Or you just can’t think of something to write.

If these are the causes of your very own writer’s block, I highly recommend rest. Sleep. Watch TV. Read a book. Play games. Exercise. Relax. But don’t let those things consume most of your time. Just don’t pressure your mind too much.

You can also try free writing. It’s like typing or scribbling anything that occurs to you, whether or not related to the thing you’re writing about. In my case, I keep a journal where I write every story idea that comes into my mind.

For every great dream comes great obstacles. And for writers, writer’s block is one among those scoundrels we wish to obliterate. It’s not going to be easy, but giving up shouldn’t be a choice either.


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