Top Filipino Citizen Journalism Platforms Provided by Mainstream Institutions

Have a story of significant relevance to the society but you don’t own a blog site? Some neophyte citizen journalists are hesitant to create their own blog because there might be little or no readers. It’s also possible that they are not confident with their journalistic skills. However, popular news brands have created their own platforms where ordinary citizens can submit their stories.

1. GMA’s YouScoop

With the tagline, “Balitang mula sa bayan, para sa bayan [News from the people, for the people],” YouScoop is GMA’s citizen journalism platform.

According to the official site, this is what YouScoop is all about:
“Witness anything newsworthy, funny, or extraordinary? Run into interesting people? Visit any weird or fascinating places? Take a picture or a video with your cellphone or digicam and send it to us!

If you have recent photos or videos of disasters, crimes, VIPs or unusual characters, unique festivals or rituals, and anything else you want to share with the rest of the world, send your scoop to YouScoop!

When you send us your pictures and videos, it also means you’re consenting to their publication and airing on GMANews.TV and GMA Network programs.”

2. ABS-CBN’s Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo

According to its Company Overview section in its Facebook page: “Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo is the community- and social services-focused citizen journalism project of the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. It aims to help citizens call attention to issues and events in their communities.”

BMPM, which started in 2007, has also set ten guidelines citizens must follow, which you can read here.

3. Rappler’s Move.PH

Move.PH describes itself as: “Move.PH is Rappler’s citizen journalism arm. It will build, nurture and engage communities that want to bring about change — through intelligent conversations and stories that can move people to act. We share skills and know-how to empower anyone with the interest and the passion to tell stories that can start a ripple and make a difference.”

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