Types of Citizen Journalism (Part 2)

Purely independent reporting

This category is basically about blogs, and citizen journalists who use their self-sustained platforms (not the platforms provided by branded news sites) to disseminate news.

An example of this is WikiNews (a subsidiary of Wikipedia) wherein the readers are the editors themselves. Anyone can post news and edit them here. However, one may question its credibility due to the fact that both professionals and non-professionals can write in this site. Will it adhere to the ethics and professionalism taken seriously by the well-known media brands?

Citizen journalism can also be about writing for the community, or community journalism- a very local type of journalism. Any significant figure of the community can contribute news. This kind of journalism is usually found in blogs, which may be edited or not (because they believe that spirit of citizen journalism must remain through minimal or zero editing). Some of them publish a printed edition, which is usually free of charge.

Citizen journalists and professional journalists can also work hand-in-hand, with citizen journalists doing most of the work and professionals doing the editing and the rest. An example of this is South Korea’s OhmyNews, in which 70 percent of the reporters are public citizens.

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