Photographs . . .

1. Fire strikes in the dark, but adds in the light.


2. Friendship can exists even if we have a myriad of differences.


3. Welcome to the portal toward the Neverland!


4. Because creamers and coffee beans are destined to be together forever.


5. I eventually grew tired of fixing myself for the sake of pleasing others.


6. Yes, purity matters in relationships.


7. Every vibrant color will dim when the universe dies.


8. I choose to live in colors even if the world told me I live in the dark.


9. Whether you live in the light or in the dark, the water of life is still your ultimate need.


10. When I can’t say it out loud, I let the notes resonate with my heart.


Stock photos from
Photos of Hunter x Hunter’s Gon and Killua on the second picture are from

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