Citizen Journalism 101 (Introductory Post)

Almost everything is just a click away.

This is the New Media era- where almost every single activity that we do requires a little amount of time to accomplish. Minutes and seconds count. What used to be months of waiting for a mail is now a few seconds waiting for a reply. Technology elevated on so many levels that our lives right now are a lot more fast-paced compared to the rather slow-paced lives of our ancestors. One among the many inventions that has impacted the world in a myriad of ways is the World Wide Web- a revolutionary development that has made the tables turn.

Almost every aspect of life is affected by this paradigm shift, even journalism itself. The Internet has made it possible for non- journalists or freelance journalists (those who are outside mainstream media institutions) to post stories online. This is called citizen journalism.

Jay Rosen of PressThink defined citizen journalism this way: “When the people formerly known as the audience employs the press tools they have in their possession to inform one another.” Simply put, citizen journalism is when public citizens who are not part of the prominent media institutions are writing their own stories. Citizen journalism can either involve a person submitting their own story for a mainstream media institution which has its own platform for user-submitted articles, photos and videos, or someone who posts on their own blog.

This blog shall discuss the different aspects of digital and citizen journalism, the pros and cons of using technology for the media, what tools may be helpful for citizen journalists and the like.

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