4 MOOC’s that’ll help citizen journalists

It could be that you want to be involved in disseminating news as an aspiring citizen journalist, but you lack the basics. Or you could be a pro but you want to improve your skills.

Fortunately, there are websites which offer free courses about citizen journalism or related courses that could be of help. If you’re not yet aware of it, certain prestigious universities from all over the globe offer courses online. They are called massive open online courses or MOOC’s. They cover a range of courses on biology, programming, mathematics, and even journalism. Example of websites which offer free MOOC’s are Coursera.org, FutureLearn.com and Udemy.com.

In order to join a course, a user must register to the website and sign up for the course of choice. Once the course starts, the interactive user is given video lectures, readings and assignments every week during the duration of the course. They also provide forums in which students may ask the professionals and fellow students alike about a certain subject. Typically, the duration of a course ranges from 2 to 3 months, and each student is expected to spend 3 to 5 hours a week for the course he/she signed up.

Here are four MOOC’s which will help citizen journalists improve their skills.

1. Journalism Skills for Engaged Citizen by Coursera.org

2. Introduction to Journalism by FutureLearn.com 

3. Digital Storytelling by FutureLearn.com

4. Citizen Journalism: How to be an iJournalist by Udemy.com

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